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Bathroom Trends: Which Are Worth Doing?

bathroom cabinets

Bathrooms. Right after your kitchen, this room (or rooms) has the most influence on home value and practicality. From the size, style, age, and functionality, your bathroom actually has much more to offer than simple bathroom cabinets and a shower. Every bathroom can be made to be what you want, despite size and dimensions. That’s why it’s important to keep your bathroom up to date, and looking great so that it is both a place you like and a place others may like if you decide to sell. The bathroom remodeling industry is always busy for this reason. So what are the key things to consider when remodeling your bathroom? Three things are key: bathroom cabinets, hardware, and color schemes.

Bathroom Cabinets

One of the first things you have to look at when considering bathroom cabinets is the size of your bathroom. If you have a good-sized bath, chances are you will be able to get away with a traditional vanity and still have plenty of storage beneath it, above it, or even get away with a linen closet in your bathroom. However, if you have a smaller space, you may have to get inventive. If your main bathroom is on the smaller side, consider nixing any bottom bathroom cabinets and opting for a small cabinet above the sink and another above the toilet. It will give you more leg room and still provide you with a good amount of storage space.


Traditionally, you used to see a lot of natural wood stain and white cabinets in the bathroom. It seemed that it was a rule to go neutral with bathroom cabinets because it made it easier to change the color schemes of your bath mats, etc.. Now it seems the tables have turned. People are starting to opt for more color. While white is still a classic look, shades of grey and even darker jewel colors are starting to become popular in bathroom cabinets. It can be tricky, though, you don’t want to put in a color that will make your bathroom look smaller or darker. However, pairing a darker cabinet color with a white or light gray color can easily add depth and character to a bathroom, no matter the size.


Hardware can make or break your bathroom design. Some can make it look dated, while other styles may not mesh well with different design concepts. Classic, dark bronze and pewter are still big, but gold and brass are making a comeback in 2018. Just remember, if you opt for modern bathroom cabinets, make sure the style of your hardware goes well with it. Otherwise, it can clash and give the impression your bathroom isn’t quite sure what it wants to be.

Magic Stone Granite Provides Custom Bathroom Cabinets

Whatever style you prefer, Magic Stone Granite provides custom services that will help you convert your bathroom into whatever you want it to be. We install all sorts of cabinets, in any style, as well as help you choose the right type of countertop for your needs. Give us a call today to get started!

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