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5 Granite Countertop Trends to Take Advantage Today!

granite countertopsGranite countertops in the kitchen will never go out of style, especially with these amazing granite countertop trends that have been cropping up recently. We spend a lot of time using our countertops, whether it’s preparing food or signing our kids’ permission slips, so it’s a good idea to invest in a type of countertop that comes with a lot of benefits while also being aesthetically pleasing. That’s what you get when you get granite countertops from Magic Stone Granite.

Be sure to check out these five trends when picking out your next countertops.

#1: The More Character the Better

Gone are the day of plain, boring, and uniform countertops. Here to stay are colorful, patterned, and countertops unique to your home and your own personal style. What’s great about this trend for granite countertops is that you can play around with patterns and veins, colors and shine to really get the countertops you desire.

#2: Sleek Designs for a Sleek Kitchen

Sleek, sleek, sleek. All of the trends going around involve sleek designs for sleek kitchens. If you’re going for this look, granite is definitely the material you should go with.

#3: Eco-Friendly is Your Friend

Everything is looking to be more eco-friendly nowadays, which is great for many reasons. Not only can your countertops look great but they can also give back to mother nature as well. If you’re looking to install new countertops, eco-friendly is the way to go. And with that, we can most definitely assist you with.

#4: Luxurious Colors

Granite comes in a wide variety of colors, making it a great material for this trend. Whether you’re looking for bright patterns or solid blacks and whites, whatever you decide, make it luxurious, and your countertops will definitely be in style.

#5: Being Uniquely You

Don’t choose a countertop just because you think it’ll be popular with your friends. Today’s style involves being uniquely you, and that includes your countertops. That’s what’s so great about today’s trends!

Contact Magic Stone Granite Today!

If you’re looking to upgrade the granite countertops in your bathroom or kitchen, we’re the place to call. We have years of experience and work with the best materials so you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best countertops possible. Don’t put up with old, damaged, or outdated countertops any longer. Take a look at these trends and give us a call today so we can get started on your next home improvement project.

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